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Accman Institute of Management Greater Noida
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Accman Institute of Management (AIM), Greater Noida

Accman Institute of Management, Greater Noida Overview

Accman Institute of Management, Greater Noida Overview

Accman Institute of Management

ACCMAN Institute of Management was set up in 2006 by Balibhadra Foundation, New Delhi, to provide high-quality, industry-focused, and globally relevant education at an affordable cost. ACCMAN Institute of Management aims to bridge the gap between theory in classrooms and its’ implementation in the real world of business.

Over the years, ACCMAN has concentrated on improving the employability of students by making them productive from Day 1 in the organizations they join after course completion. The testimony of its success is evident with over 1000 strong alumni, working in more than a hundred leading companies in India and abroad. They hold important positions, creating value for their organizations and the nation.

For institutions supposedly built for eternity, 13 years may not be a very long time but are surely the most important formative years when the core values of the Institute shape up. In the past, ACCMAN has seen many glorious moments when its students and faculty made it proud with its achievements, as also a few heartbreaking moments. It has successfully weathered the difficult years during the global meltdown to turn the tide.

As a Chinese proverb puts it – “The gem cannot be polished without friction, nor man perfected without trials.” What is true of man is also true of institutions. It is only by facing difficult times with courage that character is built. Today, ACCMAN Institute of Management has emerged as a stronger institution with character, mettle, and a unique value system based on mutual respect, honesty, integrity, the courage of conviction, and the courage to take accountability. And this is indeed something glorious.

It is certain that “the traditional companies have to change their business operations and direct them towards new technologies in order to remain competitive in the new conditions. It is evident that the success of the economy of the 21st century based on information, ideas and intelligence” (Cvetkovic, Kotlica, 2007, p. 85). Management education must be ahead of the industry in anticipating these changes. On these lines, we are introducing a full-time 2-year program in Business Analytics.

ACCMAN Institute of Management students learns how to keep up with the times and show grit and dedication as a result of the care bestowed by the Institute. Due to the above training, once they get placed, they are judged by the corporate world as better than many. (College Visit)


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